Who We Are
KIDI Kinder und Armenhilfe.ev
County Power

KIDI is a German christian NGO founded in January 2001; whose core activity is poverty alleviation in the developing countries.

K.I.D.I. stands for: K- Kenya, I- Israel, D- Deutschland (Germany, I-Ireland. The founder members of K.I.D.I come from Kenya, Israel, German, and Ireland hence the initials of the organisation name.


Psalms 146

K.I.D.I., the aid organization for children and the poor, and the subsequent statute is entrusted in gratitude to:

The merciful LORD, creator of the world, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Osaac, Jacob, and His Son, Jesus— Jeschua (meaning: God/Jahwe is help and salvation).

HIS (the LORD’S) attention belongs to the weak, the children, the hungry, the orphans, the widows, the sick, the handicapped, the lonely, the minors, the prisoners, the suffering, the strangers (aliens), and the poor of the world.


County Power

Examples: Matthew 11,5 18,5 19,14 25,35;Psalm 146,7;

Moses 10,18; Isaiha 58,6; Luke 14,13

We have passion for helping people, both poor and vulnerable
recover their true identity and vocation. Through empowerment, this group of people have potential to acheive much in life. As an organisation, we show them how to fish.
Delivery Methods

County PowerWe are committed to delivering community based development intiative in a sustainable way to ensure we add value to the people we serve.

We undertake to have a presence in developing country where we operate to ensure that we can respond immediately to local issues and tailor our services to our targeted communities' needs.

K .I.D.I. does not give arms, but empower communities to solve their own challenges in the best way they know.